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SE-720 Seahorse Case for Scuba Diving

You scuba dive and there is a lot of equipment that you use. Some of it is sensitive, like your dive computer and regulators. You need to make sure they are secured so that they stay working the way they should.

A SE-720 Seahorse case can help you with this. It is made from polypropylene and is lightweight but durable. It is crushproof and does not chip or dent if something falls on it or it is dropped. The case does not corrode either. Your case will not turn brittle if left in the sun. The finish on the case will remain that same as when you purchased it. This case will keep your diving equipment from being harmed.

The SE-720 case is waterproof and airtight. It has an Auto-Purge System, which has a pressure release valve that works with a Neoprene O-Ring to seal the case so water, dust and other contaminants do not get in. It was tested by being submerged in 30 feet of water for 24 hours. The inside of the case remained completely dry.

The SE-720 Seahorse case has plastic latches that hold the case closed tightly. You can even have tamperproof-keyed locks installed in the latches. You may choose from plastic locks or chrome metal locks. The plastic locks are recommended for saltwater, as it will not corrode them. This case has a rubber carrying handle that folds down out of the way when not in use.

The SE-720 Seahorse has been used by the military and meets their strict guidelines. The Air Transportation Association has given this case a Category 1 specification. Category 1 cases are the most durable and especially suited for air baggage and truck freighting like DHL.

There are many different foam inserts to choose from for the SE-720 Seahorse case form CaseClub. Flat foam, custom foam and pick and pluck foam are the more conventional choices, but all are available. You could use the custom foam and have exact measurements of a regulator cut from foam to make a nice tight compartment for it. Put your dive computer in a separate cavity beside it. They rest nestled in foam in complete and secure comfort.

The SE-720 Seahorse case comes in black, yellow, orange, or gunmetal. This case comes with a lifetime guarantee. That is how much the makers of the Seahorse trust it. They know that you will be completely happy with itísí performance.

You know that you are getting a well-made case that can take harsh environments and rough weather and remain intact. Even the stress of constant opening and closing the case will not hurt it. The SE-720 Seahorse case will repeatedly give you excellent protection for your dive equipment. Once you try it, you will not want any other case.

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