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SE-720 Seahorse Case for Camping

You are going camping. You need to take some first aid items and sewing items with you. The last time you went was a disaster. You did not have band-aids, iodine, or antibiotic cream. Thread, needles and a pair of scissors would have been handy, especially when that strap on your backpack broke. Once you gather them all together you need a case that will carry them neatly organized so you can find them fast.

The SE-720 Seahorse case will handle that job quickly and easily. It is made from strong polypropylene plastic materials. This case is lightweight and stylish looking. The case will not break if you drop it. It does not chip or dent and is crush resistant. So, when you put it in the truck with all the rest of your camping equipment, it will come out it one piece and not look like it had been put through a war.

This case has a plastic latches and you can have tamperproof keyed locks put in them. Chose from chrome metal locks or plastic locks. The plastic locks are especially suited to saltwater environments because they do not corrode when exposed to saltwater. The SE-720 Seahorse case also has molded pad lock holes that any standard pad lock will fit in. It has a rubber handle that makes it easy to carry and the handle folds down out of the way when you need inside the case.

The SE-720 Seahorse case is airtight and waterproof. It has an Auto-Purge System that sets itself when you close the lid. Once you open the case, the pressure is released. This system uses a pressure release purge valve that works with a Neoprene O-Ring seal that is located under one of the latches. Together they keep this case waterproof and other contaminates out of the case. It passed a 24-hour submerge test in 30 feet of water. So if you get caught in a rainstorm this time, like the last time you went, your first aid supplies along with your sewing supplies will stay dry.

Inside the SE-720 Seahorse case you can have adjustable padded dividers. Put a piece of convoluted foam in the lid and the dividers in the bottom. Now there are compartments for the band-aids, iodine in another, and sewing aids will fit into other compartment. Use half the case for first-aid and the other half for sewing supplies. They all fit nice and neat and are not all jumbled tougher in one big messy pile.

The SE-720 Seahorse case comes in black, orange, yellow, gunmetal, or brown camo colors. It has a lifetime guarantee on it. This case will last you through several camping trips and rainstorms. Now you have your first aid kit and your sewing kit all organized and in one convenient place.

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