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SE-720 Seahorse Case

The SE-720 Seahorse case is lightweight and yet it is super strong. It is made of polypropylene and can take harsh weather and unkind treatment. It is crush resistant and does not chip or dent. You can leave it in the sun and it will not become brittle and break apart. It can withstand dropping and even being kicked around with out being damaged.

The armed forces use this case to transport sensitive equipment in harsh environments. The SE-720 Seahorse case is airtight and waterproof. It has a Auto-Purge System that engages once the case is closed and disengages when you open it. This system uses a pressure release purge valve to equalize the pressure inside the case, which eliminates the vacuum problem that waterproof cases once had. It makes use a Perimeter O-Ring seal located under one of its latches to keep it waterproof. It has been submerged in 30 feet of water for 24 hours and was still dry inside when it was taken out of the water. This system also helps keep dust and other contaminates out of the case.

The SE-720 Seahorse case has plastic latches that can be fitted with tamperproof chrome or plastic keyed locks. The plastic keyed locks are perfect for use around saltwater as they will not corrode due to the salt. There are molded pad lock holes for extra protection that accept any standard pad lock. That is added protection for your object against theft.

The SE-720 Seahorse case comes with a lid organizer and padded dividers that use Velcro to keep them in place. You also have your choice of many foam interiors to suit your needs for this case. Use flat foam for thin objects and pick and pluck or custom foam for objects that are heavier or oddly shaped. Which ever type of foam you choose, it will cradle and protect your object against being scratched or damaged while the case is in transit.

The SE-720 Seahorse case is Air Transportation Association approved as a Category 1 shipping case. This means that it is one of the most durable cases and ideal for all modes of transportation. It has been specifically made to endure the brutality of being shipped through common carriers, such as air baggage and trucking companies like FedEx.

The SE-720 Seahorse case is lightweight and carries easily by its rubber fold down handle. It comes in black, orange, yellow or gun metal colors. This case is economical and compact. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. This case will go the extra mile for you when it comes to protecting what you hold dear. Try a Seahorse case and see for yourself that it is the best case you have ever owned.

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