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SE-720 Seahorse and the Radiation Detector

In your job, you use a hand held radiation detector to measures radiation levels in homes and food areas. Your instrument is sensitive and needs to be protected from harsh treatment and environmental conditions. Sometimes you are sent to a area where you need to stay for extended periods. You must have a protective case for your detector that can handle anything.

The SE-720 Seahorse case can protect your radiation detector through rough travel circumstances and inclement weather. It is made with strong polypropylene that can handle being tossed around during transport. Weather is not a problem for this case either. Being left in the sun will not make it brittle weaken it so it will crack. It does not chip and is crush resistant. Your case is dustproof and waterproof. The case has an Auto-Purge System that uses a pressure release purge valve and a Perimeter O-Ring to accomplish this. The o-ring is located under one of the latches. Once you close the case this system automatically sets itself and does not disengage until you open the case. This keeps your case waterproof as well as keeping other contaminants away from your detector.

The SE-720 Seahorse case can come with foam inserts, dividers, and a lid organizer. You may choose from a variety of foam inserts to suit your needs. from simple flat foam to intricate custom foam. Use the lid organizer to store your notes and pertinent information about the area you are inspecting. With custom foam, you can design it to completely shield your radiation detector and its components. Make spaces for extra batteries right beside it so you can keep working with a simple battery change if needed.

The SE-720 Seahorse case has plastic latches that can have tamperproof chrome keyed locks put in them. If you will be around saltwater there are also plastic keyed locks that are tamperproof available. There are molded plastic pad lock holes which will accommodate standard sized pad locks for extra protection against theft. There is a rubber fold down handle for you to use for carrying from one place to another.

The SE-720 Seahorse case is lightweight and very economical. It is built to last so you will not ever need another case. Your case has a lifetime guarantee. That alone should tell you just how much confidence the makers of this case have in its ability. Another plus for this case is that it meets military standards, so you know they put it through some tough situations.

The SE-720 Seahorse case comes in black, yellow, orange, or gun metal. When you need to protect sensitive equipment, this case comes through with shining colors. If you need a lightweight yet durable case to protect your equipment, you should choose a Seahorse case.

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