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The SE-720 Seahorse Case is Perfect for iPads

You received a new iPad as a gift. You also got some accessories to go with it. You have wanted one for a while now. It is even better than you though it would be. Now you just need a case to hold the iPad and itsí accessories.

The SE-720 Seahorse case is the perfect size for that iPad and all itsí accompaniments. It is made from strong polypropylene that protects like steel. It does not chip or dent and is crush resistant. Harsh weather or handling will not harm this case. You can even ship it with confidence. The Air Transportation Association has given this case a Category 1 status. This means it is the most durable of cases. It performs especially well for air baggage and truck shipping.

Your Seahorse case has a rubber fold down handle that makes it comfortable to carry0. It has plastic latches that hold tightly. You can have tamperproof chrome metal key locks installed in the latches. Molded pad lock holes that accept any standard pad lock are extra protection for your iPad and accessories.

This case has performed to the militaryís standards for a shipping case. The SE-720 Seahorse case is lightweight and economical since it was built to last a lifetime. It even comes with a guarantee that says that. This case is air tight and waterproof. It was put though a 24 hour submerge test and was still dry inside. The Seahorse has an Auto-Purge System that makes use of a pressure release purge valve and a Neoprene O-Rings seal. These two features keep this case waterproof, dustproof, contaminant free, and equalized. So, if you are caught in a rainstorm, you know that your iPad and other accessories will be safe and dry.

Your SE-720 Seahorse case can also come with a lid organizer and foam inserts. You can choose a multitude of foam inserts to accommodate your needs. With the pick and pluck, you can form the foam to fit around your iPad and accessories by removing pieces of foam with your fingers. The foam cushions your iPad against bumps and bangs and keeps it from being harmed or scratched. The lid organizer will keep any files that you may need in close reach.

The SE-720 Seahorse case comes in black, orange, gunmetal or yellow. It does not become brittle in the sun or lose itsí finish. Your case will stay looking as good as it did when you purchased it. No matter how often you are in and out of this case it will hold up. You will like the look of this case. Itsí superior protection and durable qualities make this case a good choice. So, what are you waiting for? Get a Seahorse case for that iPad and all itsí accessories.

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